Lock Google Chrome with password on Windows

Lock Google Chrome with a password

Yes, you read absolutely correct. Google Chrome has the ability to set a password to prevent it from being browsed by someone else. If you’re using Windows, you can easily lock Google Chrome with password protection.

You must think that we are going to tell you the same method which shows that it continues Chrome: // flags then locate enable-new-profile-management). I must tell you no, because this method no longer works in Google Chrome.

Setting a password on Google Chrome can prevent other people from accessing your browser. We’ll notify you of an extension that’s available from the Chrome Web Store and is easy to add to Chrome.

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Note: To clarify, the steps below are tested on version 83.0.4103.116 of Chrome and work perfectly.

Set the password for your Chrome browser

Here’s how to set up your Chrome browser password:

Step 1. Follow the link below and open it in your Chrome browser. Just copy the URL link and paste it into the Chrome address bar, then press the Enter button on your keyboard.

Lock Chrome browser with password

2nd step. Therefore, you will be redirected to the Chrome online store at Set your browser password (chrome lock) page.

  • On the right side, click on Add to Chrome
  • Then click Add an extension quick

Step 3. In a few seconds, the addition of the extension process is complete and you will be asked for a password screen on Chrome. There will be a message as below:

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Please set your password for the first time. TIP: Keep the password simple can be two letters

You can now set your own password for the first time. The password must be alphanumeric, alphabetical or numeric. Although it says to keep your password for two letters, but you can use more than two letters, numbers, etc.

Once you have created your password, click on Okay to save it and close the Chrome browser.

This is how you can easily lock Google Chrome with password protection.

lock google chrome with password

Step 4. Finally, it’s time to check it out. Open or launch the Chrome browser.

Now, when the Chrome browser is launched, it will ask the user to enter the access code which is the password you created.

Enter the current password and click Okay to continue using the Chrome browser.

set a password for your Google Chrome browser


  • Enter the password as it was created, which means that the password is case sensitive
  • You can access or use Chrome only if you provide the correct password.
  • If you enter the wrong password, the Chrome browser will automatically close

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Lock Google Chrome with password on Windows

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