Live Text possibly the best feature of iOS 15

Live Text possibly the best feature of iOS 15

Of the best that presented Manzana Monday, IMHO, is your new app called Live Text.

IOS Live Text (Image:

Its operation is very practical, comfortable and useful: you take a picture of the text, select the part you want and send it or do whatever you want with it. It is tremendously interesting when sending parts of a conference, for example, or the very long password of a router, or a telephone of a house or restaurant that you find on the street, or for students and notes. iOS 15 It is going to make our lives much easier in this regard.

Live Text he is very capable, also of translating a text. So if there is something that you do not know what it means, this application will help you decipher it.

Best of all, the application recognizes handwritten characters and transforms them into digitized text, something for which millions of tests were done in all languages, as explained Craig Federighi (Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple).

Live Text’s personal opinion:

For me it is one of the best functions of iOS 15 and the one that I find most useful, the truth.

Live Text in action

Live Text in action (Image:

That of walking down the street, see a telephone of interest, take out your iPhone and take a photo to save it, it is priceless. And being in a meeting and photographing the board to send the conclusion to colleagues is definitely the best.

To much Live Text reminds us, in many ways, of a function that has already been implemented Google call Google Lens. It is true that it is very similar, and surely Live Text is based on it, but it is much improved.

Live Text in iOS 15 Beta

Live Text in iOS 15 Beta

People complain, and not without reason, about the lack of innovation in Manzana lately‚Ķ . It’s true, Manzana it does not innovate and it does copy many functions of others, but it improves them incredibly. Live Text is a clear example.

To me Live Text is the new function of iOS 15 that I like the most. And yours?.


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