List of Android Bloatware and Safe Way to Remove It

Every Android smartphone comes with an app preinstalled. Whether it’s Android default apps, or vendor apps such as Samsung, Lenovo, Sony, Nexus, etc. Some may actually be useful, but most will never be used. Suppliers / carriers add them with the hope that you will like them and therefore never want to switch to another supplier again. More than that, you may even find that these bloatware apps cannot be removed.
So how do you get rid of bloatware and remove it safely? The quick answer is that it depends on what device you are using, root or not. Luckily for rooted devices, you can find plenty of third-party bloatware removal apps such as NoBloat Free or Remove the root application. Even for Samsung users, you can disable all bloatware apps without rooting with Package deactivator. But which apps are bloatware or which apps can be safely removed, you can find them in the list below.

List of Android Bloatware and Safe Way to Remove It

Samsung Bloatware List

  • Galaxy apps
  • Planner S
  • Samsung Account
  • Samsung billing
  • Samsung In App Purchase
  • Samsung Push Services
  • S Lemon
  • Safety information
  • PageBuddyNotisvc
  • S Launcher (remove only if you have another launcher)
  • To choose
  • Color adjustment

Find out how to remove unwanted Samsung apps without root with powerful samsung bloatware remover here

List of Sony Experia Bloatware

  • Antradio service
  • Digital clock widget
  • Calendar widget
  • Digital clock widget
  • Live Article Manager
  • Sony Launcher (remove only if you have another launcher)
  • Professional advice
  • Sony Sync
  • User assistance
  • Most widgets on / off
  • Timer Widget
  • Weather widget
  • Analog clock widget
  • World clock widget
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List of Xiaomi Bloatware

  • Assistant
  • Bank cards
  • Black hole
  • Bubbles
  • Google Pinyin entry
  • Live wallpaper picker
  • Magic Smoke Wallpapers
  • Music visualization wallpapers
  • Most Chinese Apps
  • Phase beam

List of Lenovo Bloatware

  • Basic dreams
  • Lenovo sync
  • TheCalendar
  • Lenovo Launcher (remove only if you have another launcher)
  • Lenovo Weather
  • LenovoWeatherAppThemePlus
  • Log Kit
  • Lenovo Theme Center
  • Lenovo Safe Center
  • VLife Lenovo

You can still root your device in order to gain super user access and full customization options. Including the ability to remove operator or manufacturer bloatware apps at your leisure. Or, take a moment and watch this video from the xda developers get rid of bloatware off your phone.

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