Limited-time free apps for iPhone TODAY ONLY !!

Limited-time free apps for iPhone TODAY ONLY !!

Compilation of the apps on offer, the most outstanding of the moment. Free apps for a limited time that we advise you to download NOW !!!.

Free apps on the App Store

About to enter the weekend and here we are to make you enter it in a big way. We bring you the best free apps of the moment. Five offers that we recommend you take advantage of as soon as possible. You already know that the less you expect it, they become paid again.

This week we bring you games, utilities and a relaxation app that will surely come in handy for you.

If you are interested in being up-to-date in this type of offer, we have a channel of Telegram in which we share daily, all the free applications that appear in the App Store and that is worth sharing. We filter and only publish cool apps. If you want you can follow us by clicking below.

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Today’s Free Limited Time Apps for iPhone:

We guarantee that these apps are FREE at the time of publishing the article. Right at 13:30 h. (Spain time) of the day April 2, 2021.

Ocmo [1,09 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Ocmo game for iPhone

Ocmo game for iPhone

Platform game that will put even the most skilled players to the test. Fluid movement, physics-based game dynamics, and tight controls create a unique sense of freedom and fluidity. A great game that you must download now that it is free.

Download Ocmo

Windy White Noise Sleep Sounds [2,29 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Relaxation AppRelaxation app

Relaxation app

A very good app that will help us relax. If you want to know more about it, we encourage you to read our article on Windy. Take the opportunity and… DOWNLOAD IT !!!

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Download Windy White Noise Sleep Sounds

Flashlight timer [1,09 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Timer for iPhone flashlight

Timer for iPhone flashlight

This app provides timers that will turn on your iPhone’s flashlight and turn it off when your time settings are done.

Download Flashlight timer

Winterlore I [1,09 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Interesting adventure for iOS

Interesting adventure for iOS

Legend has it that after God created the world, he scattered the crumbs that were left from his bag of miracles in the place that is now Moroi springs. The earth began to be inhabited by strange creatures to balance the good and the bad of the world.

Download Winterlore I

Reflexes – Activities at Home [3,49 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Improve your reflections with this app in AR

Improve your reflexes with this app in AR

Improve your hand-eye coordination, reactions and reflexes with this fun augmented reality app. Inside you will find various activities to challenge and improve your skills.

Download Reflexes

If you download these apps and then delete them from your device, you can always re-download them for free whenever you want. That is why we always encourage you to download them whether you are interested or not. Life takes many turns and any day an app that you are not interested in may be missing you.

Greetings and we wait for you next week with new free applications.


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