Lightning -> AUX hack cables?

Lightning -> AUX hack cables?

Hey hacking. I went to purchase an adapter for lightning -> 3.5mm AUX so I can use my headphones as my ~official one broke.

The store had 3rd party ones but I don’t really care about having apple branded accessories/they’re a rip off so I picked one up, no problem.

Just before I paid, the guy wanted to ‘show me how it works’. I was hesitant because surely….it should just plug in. I was a bit stupid and didn’t immediately say no, put in my code and handed my phone over for him to ‘show’ me. Apparently the one I picked pops up with a prompt to ‘connect’ to it the first time you use it, so he wanted to make sure I pressed that.

Menu that came up wasn’t like any apple menu I’d usually use to connect to an accessory – this was a white pop up at the bottom of my screen

I recently saw the super cool [O.M.G. Cable]( and I guess it’s made me a little paranoid.

Does anyone know of similar exploits floating around in third party accessories/their software, or is this just another case of third parties having to work around Apple?

I guess if it was attack hardware he probably wouldn’t be selling it but I just want some reassurance lol :L


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