Let Apple notify you when you can pre-order the iPhone 12

Let Apple notify you when you can pre-order the iPhone 12

We show you the way to create a reminder, so that we know the exact moment in which we can reserve the iPhone 12.

 reserve iPhone 12

So you can create an alert to reserve the iPhone 12

Today we are going to teach you create a reminder to reserve iPhone 12. A great way that we do not miss out and have to wait a long period of time for this device.

Every time Apple announces a new iphone, the commotion that arises around is tremendous. The fact is that thousands of these devices are sold every year and if you are one of those who are thinking of changing or buying them for the first time, we recommend that you reserve them as soon as possible.

By reserving it in advance, we make sure that we will have the iPhone as soon as possible. However, if we let it be, we can wait even months.

How to create a reminder to reserve iPhone 12

The process is very simple, just we must go to the Apple Store app, where are all the products that we can buy from Apple.

When we are here, we look for the iPhone we want to buy. Must take into account that this reminder will appear for those products that are going to come out later, such as the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Therefore, we look for one of these products, in our case it is the iPhone 12 Pro Max and when we click on it, we will see that the possibility of creating a reminder appears at the bottom.

reserve the iPhone 12 1reserve the iPhone 12 1

From the Apple Store app, access the buy section

Click on this and that’s it. Apple tells us that it will notify us up to 2 times, when it can be reserved. You may notify us before the reservation and when it has started.

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So if you are thinking of buying one of these products, without a doubt this is a good way not to miss the day and time of the reservation, and you can have your iPhone as soon as possible.

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