“Klocki”, a very good puzzle game for iPhone and iPad

"Klocki", a very good puzzle game for iPhone and iPad

“Klocki” It is a puzzle-like game that we loved as soon as we downloaded it.

Klocki app

We have not been able to contain ourselves and we have fallen into the clutches of «Klocki», a very good game for iphone with which to entertain hours and hours and hours….

There are many puzzle apps that we can find in the games category of the App Store. Surely you have tried many of them and that, right now, you have a game of that type in your iPhone or iPad … truth?.

But “Klocki” is different. It has its own light and that spark that differentiates great games from others.

Do not expect a game with beastly graphics, a presentation worthy of Hollywood, great configuration options… no, «Klocki” It is not like this. We are facing a simplistic game, without options, without presentations, without great graphics … simply an app designed to make our brain work, in search of the perfect combination, and that vices a lot.

How do you play “klocki” ?:

On “Klocki” what we will have to do is exchange the pieces that appear to us in the different phases. We must try to create a kind of electrical circuit in which each line connects with the others. Simply pressing the 2 chips that we want to exchange, they will do it automatically.

 Phase of "klocki"

Phase of «klocki»

But the game is not made up of lines only. White circles will also appear that should not touch each other, dashed yellow lines, green lines …

Puzzles of all kinds

Puzzles of all kinds

We will also see different types of part that we will have to exchange, rotate, turn by means of levers … A vice that we recommend you download to enjoy great moments of entertainment.

And do not look for any configuration menu because there is none. The only thing you can do is press the little circle that appears in the upper left part of the screen. By doing this we can navigate between the solved puzzles and activate and deactivate the sound.

 interface "klocki"

«Klocki» interface

The score awarded to «Klocki», in the different App Store, of the world oscillates between 4.5 and 5 stars. This denotes that we are facing, possibly, one of the puzzle games of the year.

It is priced at 1, 09 € and you can download it in your iPhone Y iPad, by pressing below:

Download this puzzle game


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