It won’t be iPhone 13, it will be iPhone 12s. This will be the future Apple iPhone

It won't be iPhone 13, it will be iPhone 12s.  This will be the future Apple iPhone

I’m going to give you my opinion of why I think that Apple won’t call iPhone 13 to your next smartphone. Also, I will tell you about all the rumors about that new device that will be released in the fall.

IPhone 12s prototype. (Image: EverythingApplePro EAP Youtube Channel)

I doubt, and much, that the new iPhone Manzana I called it iPhone 13, when in USES 13 is a number that gives them very bad luck. And Americans are very superstitious.

If we observe a little, Manzana It is a company full of symbolism. The iPhone purple, they have done it in homage to Steve Jobs, they didn’t call him iPhone 11s, being the one that would really correspond to him, for the attacks on the Twin Towers. So I’m pretty sure the next one will be iPhone 12s, no 13.

New iPhone 12s rumors:

Most analysts of Manzana they say that the new iPhone will have Always on display. Always-on screen, as have the Apple Watch 5 Y 6. Very interesting to see your notifications from any angle.

The Notch will be smaller, although you already know that that does not matter to me … It does not give me anything. Big or small I like it.

Smallest notch

Smaller notch

They say that the refresh rate, finally for many, is going to be 120 Hz. In the iPhone It is not something that matters much, really. Everything is so fluid…. I have tried it in a Android And in that type of phone it makes sense, but the iPhone are extremely fluid phones, if you are not a gamer or a gamer it does not make sense, really.

They say that the new iPhone they will have portrait mode in video. That, to content creators, is going to give life.

TouchID on the screen, finally. That is important, really. For a year we have been living with a mask and TouchID It is essential … We spend the day entering the code and I have not paid for it. Besides the iPad Air 4 it has it and not in such a complicated technology … Let’s be honest, the unlock phone with watch It is very good, for me I have a watch, but for you who do not have it, every time you enter the code you remember Tim cook and his family. I understand you!! I do … but don’t tell anyone. Either you use Apple Pay on the watch or it asks for the unlock code.

According to rumors, all iPhone 12s, will have LiDAR. Something that today only the Pro have and that works for both photos and augmented reality. If I tell you the truth, I do not see much sense in it, at the user level … Perhaps the photographers hate me with this statement, but to me the LiDAR it does not contribute much to me, so its implementation in the entire range, I do not care too much … I know that it serves a lot when taking a photograph, but between the 12 without LiDAR and the 12 Pro with him, if you are not a photographer or you are very interested in photography, you cannot distinguish between them.

What name do you think they will give it? Are you interested?


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