It seems that you will not be able to choose a default player in iOS 14.5

iOS 14.4 is now available to be installed on our iPhone

It finally seems that with iOS 14.5 You will not be able to choose a default player as the betas of it seemed to indicate.

Bad news for iOS 14.5

iOS 14.5, as their betas point out, it will come full of news. The vast majority of them, apart from solving problems and faults, they will be quite interesting and will add new features that will be quite useful for iOS and iPadOS users.

One of the novelties that it seemed in the betas that it would arrive on iOS with iOS 14.5 was the ability to choose a default music player, as we can already do, from iOS 14, with internet browsers and mail managers.

iOS 14.5 will not allow changing the default music player

And it is that, in one of the betas, it was discovered that if we asked Siri to play a song, it made the user select a music service in which to play it and, later, whenever we asked for something to be played, it did so in that service.

But it seems that this will ultimately not be the case. As it seems to have clarified Manzana it is a function so that Siri learn from us. That is, there will not be, for the moment, the possibility of changing the default music player as we do with other apps.

spotify as the default player iOS 14.5 iPadOS

So you could choose Spotify from Siri

If it seems that, temporarily, once we have told Siri we want to play the music, for example, in Spotify he will not ask the rest of the times we tell him. But it is not known for how long this will occur.

At the moment we will have to wait for the final version of iOS 14.5 to see how this function actually behaves. Although, of course, perhaps it would be more positive if Apple allowed us to change the music service we want to use to make the system more open and more personalized.


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