It seems that WhatsApp will not force you to accept its terms and conditions

It seems that WhatsApp will not force you to accept its terms and conditions

By the looks of it, from WhatsApp will not force users of the app to accept their controversial terms and conditions of use.

WhatsApp terms and conditions

It has been a while since WhatsApp announced that it would modify its terms and conditions of use. While this shouldn’t be a rare thing, as many companies do, these new terms were fully embroiled in controversy.

This was mainly due to the fact that, being WhatsApp property of Facebook the instant messaging app would begin to share our data with the social network. And this made many users, obviously, turn against them.

There are news regarding the terms and conditions of WhatsApp

Such was so many users started looking for alternatives to WhatsApp. And, because of it, from WhatsApp they had to issue a statement clarifying what their new terms and conditions entailed and that they did not violate the privacy of users.

Initially, the same had to be accepted before February 8. But, due to the controversy that arose, the date of final acceptance of the new terms and conditions of WhatsApp moved to next May 15.

statement whatsapp 2021

The statement they issued from WhatsApp

Upon arrival of said deadline, if users had not accepted the terms, we would see that we had access to fewer functions of WhatsApp until it was not possible to use the app. But, with less than 5 days before the deadline, it seems that there are changes again.

Reportedly, May 15 will no longer be the deadline to accept the terms. In fact, it seems to “not exist”, since it is known, simply, that on the 15th they will not begin to delete accounts nor will they prevent users who have not accepted it from having access to the functions.

We are not clear what this movement implies on the part of WhatsApp, but perhaps they are considering not forcing users to accept these terms due to the controversy generated. In any case, it is good news that they do not delete accounts or suppress features. What do you think about it?


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