Is your Mac Compatible with macOS Monterey

When Apple launches an update for their operating system, make sure your Mac is compatible with the new update or not. So here is a list of Macs that are compatible with the macOS Monterey.

The new MacOS version called Monterey was introduced at WWDC 2021. Some of the older Macs may not be compatible with this update, as Apple will make it available to the public later this year.

MacOS compatible Mac with Monterey

According to Apple’s official website, you can install Monterey on your Mac if you have one of the following:

  • iMac
    • Late 2015 and later models
  • iMac Pro
  • MacBook
    • early 2016 and later models
  • MacBook Air
    • Early 2015 and later models
  • MacBook Pro
    • Early 2015 and later models
  • Mac mini
    • Late 2014 and later models
  • Mac Pro
    • Late 2013 and later models

As you can see, Apple excludes various Macs from the list that are compatible with macOS Monterey. Even if your Mac can use Big Sur, you may not be able to install Monterey. let’s look at the final release of macOS Monterey later this year and then we’ll know why Apple is so strict, even a Mac that is not compatible with Big Sur can not drive Monterey.


Apple can look and change the list of Mac with MacOS Monterey, we can say nothing before Apple announces the final version of MacOS Monterey.

Even your Mac is compatible, but you should know that there are some features that are only available for the M1 Macs. This list of features available exclusively for the M1 Macs.

  • FaceTime Video, the background fades into portrait mode.
  • Live text, search the information on the photos and make it available for you to select, copy and paste or even translate.
  • Cards, Interactive 3D world for a detailed overview of cities like New York, San Francisco, London, etc.
  • Capturing objects, A new AR-focused feature that can create realistic 3D objects from a set of images.
  • Sirito get exclusive support for voice-to-speech voices in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish.

If one of the above features is the reason why you plan to update your MacOS to Monterey, you need to have M1 Mac.


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