Is it really worth buying an iPad Pro?

Is it really worth buying an iPad Pro?

We give you our point of view regarding whether it is worth buying an iPad Pro or if it is better to go for another cheaper device.

We give you the reasons to buy an iPad Pro or not

Today we are going to talk about the iPad Pro and our point of view. Without a doubt, a great way to see this powerful device that Apple presents us with different eyes.

Since the arrival of the iPad Pro, there have been many praises and many criticisms of this device. The truth is that we have before us a device as powerful as a Mac can be and also, much more comfortable to carry anywhere. In addition, Apple provides us with multiple accessories that we can add to this tablet, which make it more productive.

But now comes the question kit and it is something we all wonder. It is true that we have a powerful device, which can be fitted with various accessories, but …

Is it worth buying an iPad Pro?

From our point of view, the answer is no. But above all, this response is conditioned, not by the device, but by the operating system that it carries inside.

Apple tried to sell us and it sells us, a iPadOS. This operating system is the only iOS of the iPad, that is, it is unique or exclusive to it. So far everything perfect, until you fully enter this device. Once you start using it, you realize that it is the same operating system as the iPhone (with slight differences) and it is exactly the same as the iPad had before.

Therefore, we find a very powerful device, which with all the accessories can reach and even exceed € 1,400, but at the moment of truth, we need to use a Mac to be able to do more complex operations. In addition, these same accessories can be used in cheaper devices and perform the same functions. iPadOS does not distinguish from the Pro version or the normal version.

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New iPad Pro

Now it is a matter of you being the one who weighs if this device is really worth it or if you need another one. If you are going to buy this device, to put a keyboard on it … we recommend buying a MacBook that has MacOS.


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