IPPAWARDS 2021. There is just over a month to submit your photos

IPPAWARDS 2021. There is just over a month to submit your photos

There is little more than a month until the deadline to participate in the 14th photography contest closes IPPAWARDS 2021, commonly known as the Oscars of mobile photography.


IPPAWARDS 2021 (Photo from ippawards.com)

If you want to participate and be eligible for the prizes of this photographic contest, don’t delay any longer and send your photos now. There is just over a month until the registration period for the IPPAWARDS of 2021, close.

Do not think that it is only a contest for photography professionals. We can all participate in it and any user who sends a photo captured with their iPhone.

If you plan to participate, it would not hurt to see which were the winners in the edition of the IPPADWARDS 2020. You can get an idea of ​​the level in the Oscar of mobile photography.

How to participate in the IPPAWARDS 2021:

You will have to do it before March 31, 2021, deadline to subscribe to it. You will also have to take into account the following:

  • To be eligible for the prizes, you must take the photos with an iPhone or iPad.
  • These images must not be previously published anywhere.
  • Posts on personal accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) are eligible.
  • Photos should not be modified in any desktop image processing program, such as Photoshop. It is okay to use any iOS application.
  • The use of any iPhone / iPad is allowed.
  • Additional iPhone lenses can be used.
  • In some cases, they may ask us for the original image to verify that it was taken with an iPhone or iPad. Photos that cannot be verified are disqualified.
  • Submissions must be of original size or no smaller than 1000 pixels in height or width.
  • Disclaimer: Participants declare and warrant that (1) the photographs are original and that they own the rights to their photographs, (2) the photographs do not violate the rights of any third party, (3) the photographs do not convey false information or misleading impression, and (4) any additional information you submit about the Photographs is accurate.
  • Fulfilling all these requirements, you must access the following address to register for IPPAWARDS 2021. As you can see, IT IS NOT FREE.

If you dare to do it, we wish you all the luck in the world and hopefully you get some of the prizes of the event.


IPPAWARDS Awards 2021IPPAWARDS Awards 2021

IPPAWARDS 2021 Awards

The grand prize winner will receive a iPad Air and the first 3 winners will each receive a Apple Watch Series 3.

The first place winner from each of the 18 categories will win a Gold Bar with mention of gold.

The second and third place winners from each of the 18 categories will win a Palladium Bar with mention of silver.

We are going to participate and we will tell you how we have done. Do you dare too?



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