IPPAWARDS 2020 Awards. The best photos of the year made with iPhone

IPPAWARDS 2020 Awards. The best photos of the year made with iPhone

Very good photos that have been awarded in the 13th iPhone Photography Awards. If you want to see the best photos of IPPAWARDS 2020 keep reading.



If you don’t know, every year there is an event that rewards the best photos of the year made with iPhone. A contest called IPPAWARDS to which you have to subscribe to participate in it and that offers us wonderful snapshots, as you can see below.

This year thousands of candidates from more than 140 countries have participated, in each of the 18 categories to which images can be sent. Animals, abstracts, architecture, children, flora, landscapes … are some of them. This year there is Spanish representation. 4 Spaniards appear among the best photos in the categories landscape, news / event, portrait and people. Click below if you want to see all winners of this 2020 edition.

Without further delay we show you the four winners and at the end of the article we tell you how to participate in the 14th edition of this photographic event.

The best photos of the year made with an iPhone [IPPAWARDS 2020]:

In this contest, the best photos by categories are awarded, but the highest honors are awarded to four images, which are awarded the following prizes:

Ippawards 2020 Grand Prize:

Ippawards 2020 winning photoIppawards 2020 winning photo

Winning photo of the Ippawards 2020 (Photo from ippawards.com)

Dimpy Bhalotia is a London-based fine art street photographer. After completing your education in Bombay, she moved to London to get a degree in fashion. After working in the fashion and interior industry for many years with renowned designers in London, he found his love in street photography and believes that the black and white medium is the best with which to capture moments.

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In your photo call Flying boys, we can see three children jumping from a wall into the river GangesIts expressive limbs fill the sky with tension and exuberance.

First prize:

First prize Ippawards 2020First prize Ippawards 2020

Ippawards 2020 first prize (Photo from ippawards.com)

The author of this great catch is Artyom Baryshau 32 years old (Belarus). He is not a professional photographer but he has a great love for photography, which he owes to his father. This showed him the way forward in this world, from the darkest room in the small apartment where they lived.

In the snapshot, called No wallsThey look like blue streaks fade into an even bluer sky.

Second prize:

Second prize Ippawards 2020Second prize Ippawards 2020

Ippawards 2020 second prize (Photo from ippawards.com)

Photo taken by Geli Zhao (China) and about which we have no information. What we do know is that he makes some wonderful photographs. He is the winner of the second photographer of the year award in the Ippawards 2020.

Untitled image showing clothes hanging in motion thanks to the wind of a cloudy day.

Third award:

Third prize Ippawards 2020Third prize Ippawards 2020

Ippawards 2020 third prize (Photo from ippawards.com)

Saif Hussein, from Iraq-Baghdad, lives in Istanbul. He graduated from the Film and Television Department of the Academy of Fine Arts and worked in television for several years.

In the photo called Sheikh Of Youth, you can see a portrait of an old man caught between two aspects of himself.

How to participate in the IPPAWARDS 2021:

You will have to do it before March 31, 2021, deadline to subscribe to it. You will also have to take into account the following:

  • To be eligible for the prizes, you must take the photos with an iPhone or iPad.
  • These images must not be previously published anywhere.
  • Posts on personal accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) are eligible.
  • Photos should not be modified in any desktop image processing program such as Photoshop. Ok to use photo editing apps for iOS.
  • The use of any iPhone is allowed.
  • Additional lenses for iPhone can be used.
  • In some cases, they can ask us for the original image to verify that it has been taken with an iPhone or iPad. Photos that cannot be verified are disqualified.
  • Submissions must be the original size or not smaller than 1000 pixels in height or width.

Meeting all these requirements, you must access the following address to subscribe to IPPAWARDS 2021. As you can see, it is not free.

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If you dare to do it, we wish you all the luck in the world and hopefully you will get one of the event prizes. The grand prize winner will receive a iPad Air and the first 3 winners will each receive a Apple Watch Series 3. The first place winner of the 18 categories will win a Gold Bar with mention of gold. The second and third place winners of the 18 categories will win a Palladium Bar with mention of silver.

Ippawards AwardsIppawards Awards

Ippawards awards (Photo from ippawards.com)


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