iPhone 13. Possibly future iPhone will bring these news

iPhone 13. Possibly future iPhone will bring these news

The iPhone 12 and we are already thinking about what the iPhone 13. Today we give you our opinion of how the devices that Manzana will launch, if nothing happens, in September 2021.

IPhone 13 prototype. (Image Youtube channel: You Tech)

They already start to arrive iPhone 13 rumors and the truth is that seeing the news that the iPhone 12, it is possible to start imagining everything new that the future will bring iPhone.

We have analyzed the new devices and where the evolution of the flagship of Manzana and we give you our opinion of how we think the iPhone 13.

What’s new in the iPhone 13, according to our humble point of view:

Touch ID on iPhone:

Although the new iPad Air take the Touch ID on the lock button, we think Manzana you can take the leap and implement it in the lower half of the screen. It would be much easier to use and would improve the interaction and unlocking of the device in these times of pandemic in which the mask is a fundamental part of our day to day.

We think that the mask is going to be part of our lives for a very long time and that is why we think that Apple could implement it that way.

iPhone 13 without ports:

The one that iPhone stop carrying ports is something that in APPerlas we thought for a long time. This year the iPhone 12 They do not bring a power adapter or Earpods. This suggests that the future of these smartphones walk to a device without ports. This could occur in the iPhone 13.

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It may just have the holes for the speakers and microphones. We even thought it wouldn’t even have the slot for SIM, since today many operators have SIM virtual cards that allow us to enter our card SIM virtually on the device.

That is why we think that iPhone 12 can be a model of transition towards iPhone no ports.

Battery, camera, 120Hz …:

The issue of drums is possibly one of the most significant challenges for Manzana in the next years. If they get a much longer battery life than the current one, they will distance themselves a lot from the competition. Who knows if we can get to see a iPhone with a small solar panel to power the mobile while it is at rest. It is something not very crazy. The technology is there … Who has not had a solar calculator ?. This would help extend the autonomy of the devices.

On the subject of the camera, say that they only have to advance in the world of 3D photography. The sensor LIDAR It is the first step towards, in the future, being able to take spectacular 3D photographs and, who knows in the future, being able to enter them in a virtual way through virtual reality glasses.

We have rambled and fantasized more than usual, but since these are the first rumors about the iPhone 13, we wanted to give our point of view on it and contribute “ideas” of what we may see next year or future years.

Greetings and … How do you think the future will be? iPhone 2021? We are waiting your comments.

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