iPhone 12 Studio, design the perfect iPhone before you buy it

iPhone 12 Studio, design the perfect iPhone before you buy it

We show you all the functions of iPhone 12 Studio, a good way to design your iPhone with a perfect case, before buying it.

iPhone 12 Studio

This is iPhone 12 Studio, the platform to create your iPhone

Today we are going to teach you use iPhone 12 Studio. A great platform designed by Apple, in which we can choose the iPhone 12 what we want, the color, the cover …

Apple provides us with all the necessary tools, in these times, to be able to get hold of any of your devices. In addition, it creates platforms, like this one that we are going to talk about, which is used to compare all the colors of both devices and their accessories.

So if you are thinking of buying an iPhone 12, we recommend that you go through this platform first and see which device best suits you and your tastes.

iPhone 12 Studio, create your perfect iPhone

First of all, what we must do is enter the web that Apple has created for it. We can do it from an iPhone or an iPad, that is, it only works for mobile devices.

Once inside, we will have to click on the peseta <>, obviously, to start our new project.

iPhone 12 Studio 1iPhone 12 Studio 1

Click on the ‘Start’ tab

It is time to select the iPhone we want, so we scroll through the four models that appear to us and select the one we like. We just have to click on it and that’s it, we’ll go to the next page.

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In this new window, we will have to choose the color of the device, the color of the case and the color of the wallet case. Of course, it is not necessary to choose the accessories if we do not want them, but it does not hurt to see how it would look …

define colordefine colour

Select the color of the device and covers

We give it to continue and it directly takes us to the screen in which we see all the products together, but separately. And we have the possibility to buy, reserve it (in case it’s not there yet) and download the image to save it.

download or buydownload or buy

Buy or download iPhone images

In this simple way, we can see which device fits our tastes, in addition to checking how each type of case looks on the iPhone that we are going to buy. A success of Apple, which has already done with it Apple Watch.

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