IPhone 12 prices. Features and price of each model

IPhone 12 prices. Features and price of each model

A little over a month after knowing the new devices of Manzana, little by little it becomes more refined in the iPhone 12 prices in each of the 4 variants that are supposed to hit the market.

IPhone 12 prices (Image: @theapplehub)

Everything indicates that in the second half of October the new iPhone 12 will be launched. We are all waiting for the moment to confirm what all the rumors confirm regarding his design and performance.

But another issue that rumors are beginning to be heard is its price. At the beginning of the year we already talked about what, supposedly, would be worth the iPhone 12. Today we bring you more information about it.

Price of iPhone 12. Features and cost of each of the models:

All new iPhone they will be compatible with 5G.

iPhone 12 PRO Max:

It will be the highest-end and will have a 6.7 ″ screen Super Retina XDR with ProMotion and 10-bit gamut, with 120 Hz refresh rate. It will integrate 6 Gb of memory RAM and will be offered in three different storage versions (128, 256 and 512GB). The body will be made of steel, A14 processor, 5G connectivity, triple lens camera and LiDAR sensor and prices will vary depending on the internal storage. They will start from a price of € 1,259 on the 128 Gb model.

IPhone 12 PRO price:

This model would arrive with 6.1 ″ and with characteristics similar to its version MAX. Prices will vary depending on the internal storage with which it is purchased (128, 256 and 512GB) and it would start from the 128 Gb model with a price of € 1,159.

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iPhone 12 Max:

He iPhone 12 MAX would arrive with a screen OLED (Super Retina Display) and it will have 4 Gb of RAM, 128 or 256 Gb storage, aluminum body, A14 processor, chip with 5G support and a dual-lens rear camera, not triple like the higher versions. The price would start from € 799 in the 128 Gb version.

iPhone 12:

It would be the “base” model, to call it one way, and it would come with a 5.4 ″ screen and with the same characteristics as its version. MAX. The price would start at the lowest storage version, at about € 719.

What do you think of the prices? This year to taste colors. There is more iPhone that never where to choose. Which one would you buy?

It is also said that for the first quarter of 2021 an iPhone with 4G connectivity could be launched whose price could be in the 800 dollars.

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