iPhone 12 Mini, a great device in a small size

iPhone 12 Mini, a great device in a small size

We recently woke up to the news of the failure of the iPhone 12 Mini. Of your lack of sales and that Manzana is not going to make that phone anymore.

iPhone 12 Mini

The iPhone 12 Mini has sold millions but not the millions that the company Cupertino I had in mind. It has been a failure for Manzana, but it would have been a success for any other competing company. And yes, the next phone that Manzana put on the market (iPhone 12s or iPhone 13)It will have its Mini version, with which both will not have failed, I say…. That terminal is in the top 10 of the best sellers in Q1 2021.

I find the phone to be much better than any of the previous generation, on a photographic level, and than many others in the competition, on all levels. I really don’t understand your “failure.”

The iPhone 12 mini is the eighth best-selling mobile:

The iPhone 12 Mini it is a true feat of engineering. In only 133gr., Manzana has managed to put a 5G very powerful, although it is a bandwidth that has not reached almost any country, and the chip A14 Bionic, the most advanced on the market, with Neural Engine (a Neural Chip, which learns from you and your behaviors).

In the sales graph for the month of January, the 12 Mini it came out in 8th place above the Galaxy a31 and from iPhone SE, but below the iPhone 12, of 12 Pro Max, of 12 Pro, of iPhone 11, of Redmi 9a, of Redmi 9 and from Galaxy a21s.

Mobile sales graph in January 2021

Mobile sales graph in January 2021 (Image: counterpointresearch.com)

I use the iPhone 12 Pro by the screen, by the photographic variety and because they have given it to me, but I have the 12 Mini for the weight and comfort, in addition to the fact that I have some betas installed on it. The Iphone 12 Mini it has been my personal phone for a long time. It would still be if it weren’t for the size of its screen and my poor eyesight, why deny it. Now I am writing from him.

It is true that the smartphone battery of Manzana is fair, they say they will improve it in the next generation, but in times of COVID it doesn’t matter much. We spend more time than usual at home and we are always near an outlet. I use it a lot and I have always arrived with 20% or 10% at 12 at night, from 8 in the morning … not bad. And if I ever had a problem, I put a fast charge on it and just as well.

What fangirl what am I? iPhone 12 Mini It would be my personal device if it weren’t such a Mini screen… of course, it wouldn’t be called Mini… I love it, I adore it, it seems brutal to me… but it’s not for me… and look, I’ve tried it and I’ll keep doing it.

The engineering work they have done with that phone has been spectacular. It is exactly the same as it is iPhone 12, Apple’s best-selling smartphone to date, unseating the Iphone 6, but small … They only differ in size and battery.

I would like to know what phone you currently have.


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