IPadOS Small Print 14. Incompatibilities and Restrictions

IPadOS Small Print 14. Incompatibilities and Restrictions

Many news come with iPadOS 14 But, like everything in life, the new operating system has a small print. Unfortunately, many novelties we will not be able to enjoy all users of iPad.

The small print of iPadOS 14

IPadOS 14 fine print (Image taken from Apple.com)

Sure you’re wanting to install iPadOS 14 on your iPad to enjoy all the news it brings, right ?. Well, we don’t want to bother you, but not all of us are going to be able to make use of all the new things that the new Apple software brings.

Whether due to incompatibility in the devices, due to geographic issues …, we will not be able to enjoy everything launched yesterday by those from the block. Next we tell you the small print that accompanies them.

IPadOS 14 restrictions and incompatibilities:

To restrictions e incompatibilities of iOS 14 which can be extrapolated to iPadOS, we add the following:

  • The Scribble transcription function, which allows us to write by hand, with the Apple pencil, In any text field in iPadOS and it automatically converts those words into text, it works on devices with a keyboard software added in the following languages: English, Chinese (simplified) or Chinese (traditional).
  • Smart Selection, the function that allows you to select handwritten text, with Apple pencilUsing the same gestures that we have always used for written text, as well as the function of recognizing addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and other data in handwritten text, it works on devices with the system language configured in English , Chinese (simplified) or Chinese (traditional).
  • ARKit 4 provides even more accurate depth measurements to allow virtual objects to interact with the real world, exactly as you would expect. A scanner is required for its operation LiDAR. Available in 12.9-inch iPad Pro (fourth generation) and 11-inch iPad Pro (second generation).
  • The augmented reality experiences such as life-size art installations or navigation directions at a specific point in the world, require the model 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular (2nd generation) and later, i11 inch pad pro, iPad Pro 10.5 inch, iPad Air (3rd generation) or iPad mini (5th generation). Available in select cities.
  • The spatial audio with dynamic head tracking that puts the surround sound channels exactly in the right place, even when we turn our heads or move the device AirPods Pro. Requires 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation) And later, 11-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad (6th generation) and later, or iPad mini (5th generation).
  • Like in iOS 14, the privacy information on the App Store will come in an update from iPadOS 14 later this year.
  • Features are subject to change. Some features, applications, and services may not be available in all regions or all languages.
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So you know, not everyone can enjoy all the news. Whether due to location or not having a particular device, some of us will want to try many features.



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