iPadOS 15 completely renewed, it helps us with productivity

iPadOS 15 completely renewed, it helps us with productivity

As we all know, iPadOS 15 will be available next September, but we already have a preview in the form of Public beta to enjoy its news.

What’s new in iPadOS 15

The main novelties that we have for iOS 15, are available in iPadOS 15, but this operating system has its own, too.

Next I am going to talk about the most outstanding ones and my opinion about them. If you don’t know, just like the IOS 15 published beta, the public Beta of iPadOS 15 is also available for anyone who wants to try everything new before its official launch.

The main novelties of iPadOS 15:

Widgets on iPadOS:

The first novelty that jumps out is the widget that we can put on the home screen, as we do in iOS 14.

The Library app appears:

We also have the App Library, as in the previous mobile version.

App Notes:

The native Notes app also changes with iPadOS 15. Now its handling is more intuitive. We can hide the application under the iPad and access quick controls at the top with a simple touch on the screen, which shows them floating above the rest of the interface. The mentions arrive, such as iOS 15, to be able to link the names of other users who collaborate in our documents and also the labels arrive to classify and locate each note more easily.

Continuity between systems:

With the improvement of MacOS, which will now be called Monterrey, iPadOS 15 benefits from the arrival of a new improvement in the continuity between systems. Now we can control the iPad with the trackpad and the keyboard of our Mac, simply by placing it next to it and making a simple transition between both devices. The iPad becomes a great ally of Mac with this improvement.

Privacy on iPadOS 15:

In the presentation of iPadOS 15 there had to be a prominent place for privacy. Have ‘Mail Privacy Protection ‘, which hides by default the IP address from which we are sending each email. The native mail manager of Manzana, Mail, It will also hide our location at the time of sending and reading emails. And there is also the impossibility of knowing whether or not we have opened an email.

In the rest of the news iPadOS has no major difference with ios. Everything in one is in another.

I’m looking forward to September so you can see it and tell me what you think about the new versions of the operating system of Manzana. When you have them, tell me.


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