iOS will separate security updates in iOS 14.5

iOS 14.4 is now available to be installed on our iPhone

Manzana going to separate from iOS 14.5 security updates for iPhone and the iPad of the rest of updates that include, or not, news.

More news in iOS 14.5

Since the iOS 14.5 betas began to appear, it was possible to see that it was going to be a update full of news. Not only in terms of improvements to security and privacy, but also in the plane of new functions.

And, as more betas of the future update of ios Y iPadOS, we are getting to know more news to come. This time around, an update feature has been discovered that will serve a lot of people well.

Apple will add a new option in the System Settings for this new feature

Specifically, from the looks of it, Manzana will separate security updates from system updates. Until now, security updates were normally integrated into system updates, but as of iOS 14.5 switch to.

In order to use this new feature, Apple will add a new option in the iOS and iPadOS settings. It will allow us to activate or deactivate the “Install security updates” option. If it is activated, these updates will install themselves, but if we have it disabled, it seems that they will not install and will do so through software updates.

ios 2020 settingsios 2020 settings

IOS settings

In this way, by separating the security updates from the rest, users who like or do not want to update the system as such, will not be obliged to update the version of the operating system. But, without doing so, they will be able to keep their devices completely safe.

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We certainly really want Apple to finally release iOS 14.5. And it is that, as we say, it seems that it is an update that will have to be installed as soon as it is definitively released. Both for functions and for security.


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