iOS and iPadOS will recommend third-party apps when setting up the device

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A new feature has been discovered in iOS 14.3 for which the iPhone and the iPad They would recommend third-party apps when setting them up.

Third-party apps as a recommendation on iOS and iPadOS

The first beta of iOS and iPadOS 14.3, the update of the new operating system of Manzana it is now available to developers. And, as usual in betas, some new features have been discovered that will arrive with that version on devices of Manzana.

One of them is at least striking when it comes to Manzana. And, it seems, follows in the wake of the possibility that we have with iOS 14 to change the default apps of the browser and email managers.

Apple will recommend third-party apps when we set up a new iPhone or iPad

And it is that, from iOS 14.3, Manzana will recommend third party applications. This would happen when we were setting up a new iPhone or a iPad, and I would recommend apps with which users could replace the apps that come with the operating system itself.

Therefore, when setting up a new iPhone or iPad, Apple would show us alternatives, for example, to the Mail native to Safari, and even for Manzana Music. These alternative apps would be apps from direct competitors such as Spark, Chrome or Spotify.


Will Apple Recommend Spotify as a Substitute for Apple Music?

In this way, when starting to configure a new iPhone or iPad, we would see a new configuration screen. In it we would see the apps that Manzana believes that it could be a replacement for native system apps and, if we wanted, we could install them.

If we decided to install them, when we finished setting up our new iPhone or iPad, the apps would appear on our home screen. In this simple way, we would already have our favorite apps in our new iPhone or iPad.

It is undoubtedly a striking movement on the part of Manzana. And, for whatever reason, we see how its operating system is opening more and more. What do you think Manzana go to recommend third party apps?


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