iOS 15 will show us all the information of the photographs

iOS 15 will show us all the information of the photographs

Thanks to iOS 15 we can see the information EXIF of all our photos of the iPhone without using apps external or third parties.

Interesting feature of iOS 15

We cannot deny that iOS 15 is an update to the iPhone operating system loaded with news. Many of them were left in the inkwell at WWDC, but they are still important.

One of the important news that comes with iOS 15 is related to the Photos application of our iPhone. And, thanks to this new function that comes to the iPhone, we can almost completely do without third-party apps.

With iOS 15 we will not need third-party apps to see the metadata of the photos

The specific function is the one that gives us the possibility to see, from the Photos app itself, the data EXIF or metadata of all our photos. Until now, this was only possible with third-party apps or using the Mac, but once I arrive iOS 15 our iPhone That ended.

As of when we have iOS 15 in our iPhone, we can see all the information of the photos in the native app. To do this, we will only have to slide the photo up in the application and we will be able to see the data.


Metadata in photos

Among them, we find the date and time the photo was taken with the specific day of the week. We can also see the format of the photograph, the device with which it was made, the settings we use to take the photo (such as aperture or speed), as well as its size and where it was made, among many other data.

Without a doubt, this new function that comes to the app Photos of iPhone with iOS 15 It will save us time and having to depend on third-party apps. In fact, we don’t know why Apple didn’t decide to include it in iOS earlier. What do you think about it?


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