iOS 15 will generate double factor codes from Settings

iOS 15 will generate double factor codes from Settings

One of the many new features that will include ios 15 and iPadOS 15 on our Apple devices they are double factor codes.

What’s new in iOS 15

We are sure that many of you will know the double factor codes. These codes are used by many apps and websites, including Manzana, to offer an extra layer of security to our accounts of the different sites.

So far, at least in ios, it was necessary to make use of third-party apps to generate these double-factor codes, with the mistrust that this can generate. But thanks to iOS 15 and iPadOS 15That is over since the new operating system will integrate a generator of these codes.

With iOS 15, third-party apps will no longer be needed to generate double-factor codes

This system-integrated code generator will be found at Settings of the system. Specifically in the password and keychain settings. In this section, we will be able to “register” the websites where we have the double factor codes configured.

It will be as simple as adding or registering the website in which we have configured. When doing so, a warning will appear that the generation of the code will depend on the website supporting them and, once configured using a key or a QR code, the random double-factor codes will appear.

ios 15 accessibility

Accessibility features in iOS 15

By the looks of it, at least on safari and both in iPhone Y iPad like in Mac, the Settings The system automatically generates the double factor codes when it detects a website that we have registered. Although at the moment it is not known if it will also happen with apps, it is very likely that it will.

Of course it is a very interesting function and we do not know why Manzana not added much longer ago. In any case, it is more than welcome and will help us get rid of those third-party apps that we may have installed.


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