IOS 14 privacy rules will be mandatory for apps

PRIVACY in iOS 14 gets big improvements

Manzana has made it known that privacy rules that will include a future update of iOS 14 will be mandatory for apps and developers.

Mandatory privacy measures will be coming to iOS soon

iOS 14 has been around for a few months now. But there are still some pending news to appear. Among them one who is one of the champions of Apple: privacy. And it is that, when Apple presented iOS 14, announced the arrival of many privacy improvements.

Those functions to give more privacy to the user will be delayed until early 2021. All this to give developers time to adapt their apps to it and can contain all the information in the App Store about what data they will collect.

Developers and apps will have to comply with the privacy rules of iOS 14

But today we also know new information about these privacy features. From what it seems they will become part of the rules of use of the App Store and will be mandatory for all applications in the store apps.

In this way, not only apps will have to report on the user data they collect. They will also have to ask us for explicit permission to be able to track us, causing a pop-up or something similar to appear in which we can accept or reject this tracking.

privacy app store ios 14

Privacy features in the App Store

This has been made known by one of the directors of Manzana in recent days and, in addition, has warned of the consequences for apps not to comply with these new privacy regulations. The main consequence would be to have a violation of the rules of the App Store, removing the application in question.

This also means that the application, once it has been removed, would not be accepted in the App Store until you comply with privacy and tracking standards. In this way, it is guaranteed that users know, at least, what data the apps and we can refuse to be tracked by the apps.


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