iOS 14 could include a translator built into Safari

iOS 14 could include a translator built into Safari

Safari in iOS 14 It could include a built-in translator to translate web pages natively without resorting to third parties.

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A function would come to Safari in iOS 14

Less than a month from the start the unusual WWDC of this year 2020 With his correspondant Keynote in which we will cook the future operating systems of Apple, we are learning some details of the future that awaits iOS.

We recently knew that iOS 14 could allow you to use certain parts of apps without downloading them. Also that the future operating system of iPhone or iPad could arrive to be compatible with all devices that support iOS 13. And today we know of another future function.

The translation in Safari would not only remain on iOS, but would also reach iPadOS

As has been made public, from a first leaked version of iOS 14, Safari could include a built-in translator. In this way, websites could be translated automatically and natively. without using third parties.

This new feature of Safari It would work in two different ways. Safari would give the option of individually translating each web page. But it would also be possible to activate it so that it automatically translates all the web pages. In either case, Safari would detect the language it would have to translate from.

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Translate in Safari using a third-party app

While in Safari, seems to be fully integrated and added, this feature might not be left alone in Safari. Apparently, vestiges of this function have also been found in other apps of the system like the App Store.

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This integrated and automatic translation would be carried out locally through Neural Engine. Therefore, these translations can be performed without the need for an Internet connection. Apparently, Siri translations would also be done locally, being able to translate offline.

Little by little, the future details of iOS and iPadOS 14. We will have to wait less than 20 days to know what is coming true and what is not, but the truth is that they paint quite well at the moment.

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