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iOS 14 could allow to record calls natively

by David
iOS 14 could allow to record calls natively

According to a leak iOS 14 It would integrate a new function that would allow us to record calls on our device natively.

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There is very little left for Keynote of the WWDC in which we can see the future operating systems of the devices of Manzana. But, as the date approaches, Rumors and leaks about these operating systems are appearing more and more.

The latest leak has to do with a new function or feature of iOS 14. Function that although it can be done using third-party apps, it is not a feature that is natively integrated into the system. We talked about the possibility of recording calls.

If call recording natively reaches iOS 14, it may not reach all countries

This feature is the star of the latest leak. And it is that a screenshot of what appears to be the Audio Settings of iOS 14. In this screenshot, you can show the ability to enable or disable call recording.

In the same screenshot, it is seen that this function would be operational for voice calls, both outgoing and incoming, and for calls using Facetime. Similarly, it can be seen that it refers to the privacy and responsibility of the users if they choose to activate it, and to the different existing laws on data protection.

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Filtered screenshot

It wouldn’t be crazy at all Manzana will integrate this function into iOS 14. But you have to take into account both the legislation and the privacy implication. There are countries in which the regulation is more lax and allows to record calls just for being part of them and without warning.

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But there is another in which the regulation is more guaranteeful and the interlocutor must be warned, among other things. Therefore, if this new feature is real, it is likely that it will not be enabled in all countries. As with all leaks, we must wait for the arrival of the Keynote to know if they are finally real or not.

Anyway, currently if it is possible to record phone calls doing it this way:


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