iOS 14 already has its first criticism for some of its best features

In iOS and iPadOS 14 you can configure default apps

iOS 14 It is receiving numerous criticisms from certain groups for which it is one of its best functions.

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New complaints for iOS 14

At this point, except for news in the presentation of the iPhone, we all know what iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 will bring to our devices. And this update is very focused on privacy and security of the users of the devices Manzana.

Among those functions of iOS 14 you find one that informs us every time an application accesses the clipboard. Thanks to this function, many apps that should not, under any circumstances, access our clipboard have been exposed.

But not only does this feature debut. But also, from iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, apps must specify the permissions that users will request. And so they have to record it in the information section of the app at App Store, in addition to having to let users know that they want access to their data.

Advertisers, Facebook and Google are not happy with this feature that benefits the privacy of users

Well, this new function that is, without a doubt, a success for users and that reinforces the idea of ​​privacy that we have of Manzana It is not sitting well. Specifically, a total of 16 major advertising and marketing companies are complaining about it. Not only that, but they also have the support of Google and Facebook.

The reasons for which they complain is that, when making these data public, they could generate a certain rejection in the users. And this could translate into that they were more cautious when downloading applications. This would mean a higher number of downloads and, consequently, a lower number of income. But of course, users would gain privacy.

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The data that apps access and that are linked to our profile

These reactions were completely expected, both from advertisers and even from Facebook and Google. But the same, instead of complaining to Manzana For protecting the privacy and security of their users, perhaps they should correct and minimize the access they want to have to the data and the use they want to make of it, since users are delighted to know what data they want to access and what they want. do with them.

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