IOS 14.6 arrives to fix problems on the iPhone

IOS 14.6 arrives to fix problems on the iPhone

We bring you all the news about the new Apple update, we talk about iOS 14.6 and the errors that it corrects on the iPhone.

The new iOS 14.6 update arrives

Today we are going to show you the what’s new in iOS 14.6. An update that comes to correct errors that many users were having on their devices.

It is already more than usual for Apple to surprise us every X time with updates that come to solve problems. This is partly a good sign, because it means that they are not neglecting their products or their users. But in part, it is also worth noting, which means that they release versions without being polished at all.

In this case, they have released iOS 14.6 that comes to correct and solve problems on the iPhone that many users are presenting.

IOS 14.6 arrives to fix problems on the iPhone

In this update that at first glance seems to bring nothing, we can find several functions that correct bugs. Among the highlights, we have a problem related to AirTags, subscriptions to Podcasts channels …

iOS 14.6 1

What’s new in this update

But, what we recommend, if you do not want to see everything that this update solves, is that you update your device and in this way you make sure that your iPhone is in the latest version and without any type of failure.

If you still don’t know how to update your device, it’s really easy. For this we turn to the Settings / General / Software update. Here we will find the latest version that Apple provides us. In this case, it is iOS 14.6.

iOS 14.6 2

Available from now

Once this is done, we will have the latest version compatible with our device and we will not have to worry about anything else. As we mentioned at the beginning, Apple is always improving the versions of its operating system and therefore, we will never have to worry about having a security breach or having striking bugs in its versions.


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