iOS 14.5 will add Security Alerts to the iPhone Search app

iOS 14.5 will add Security Alerts to the iPhone Search app

One of the last betas of iOS 14.5 indicates that the app Look for will add security alerts in the app to prevent them from “spying” on us.

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The Search app

What iOS 14.5 is going to be an update full of news is something that cannot be denied. And it is that, as the betas of it are explored, more and more functions and news appear that will reach the iPhone already iPad.

Several of the news that we have been able to see are related to the app Look for. From what it seems, this app already allows adding location objects, waiting for Manzana release the rumored AirTags, your tags to locate objects.

This function seems to be intended to prevent future foreign AirTags

But not only that. But from what it seems, with iOS 14.5 security options related to both the AirTags as well as possible locator accessories that can be added to the Search application.

The security options will be, specifically, Security Alerts. These Unknown Item Security Alerts They will notify us if there is any accessory or location object that does not belong to us by moving with us.

airtags ios 14.3airtags ios 14.3

The new objects tab

Although it may sound somewhat confusing, what is intended is that someone can give us or hide an object that allows us to locate and track us. In this way, the app Look for it would warn that there is a tracking object, or AirTag, with us that does not belong to us and that it could be tracking us.

Although this security function is present in iOS 14.5, and although this version of the system also activates the location objects, we still cannot know, 100%, whether or not they will refer to AirTags. And it is that, for the moment, there has been neither an official presentation nor launch of them. What do you think of these security options in the Search app?


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