iOS 14.4 is now available to be installed on our iPhone

iOS 14.4 is now available to be installed on our iPhone

The latest update of the operating system of the iPhone and iPad, the version iOS 14.4, is now available to download and install.

IOS 14.4 can now be installed

The different betas of iOS that are arriving, they are offering us information about what the future update of the iPhone and iPad. What if we had been talking to you for a while of the beta of iOS 14.4, the final version is now available to download and install.

This version is a “major” update, but while it includes some new features, it seems to be more focused on bug fixes. Something quite beneficial and what we are used to Manzana.

These are all the news in iOS 14.4:

We started with an improvement in the camera of our devices. Thus, from this update, the native iPhone Camera application will be able to detect and recognize QR codes that have a smaller size.

Now we can also indicate the type of Bluetooth device that we have connected so that the iPhone do not automatically lower the sound, and warnings of inauthentic cameras will be displayed in case we have changed our iPhone. Predictably, tracking notifications will finally arrive as well.

The iOS update tab

The iOS 14.4 update tab

In addition, as we have already mentioned, some errors are fixed. Among them failures in the HDR photos taken with the iPhone 12 Pro and an error in the app widget Fitness which made the data not show up to date.

Keyboard errors whereby the text was entered with a certain delay, did not show word suggestions and a language not chosen appeared in the app messages, as well as Accessibility errors on iPhones.

In case you do not have automatic updates activated, to update you have to access the iOS Settings. In them you must click on General and then choose Software Update. The update will appear after a few seconds and you can download and install it on your iPhone.


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