iOS 14.4 could bring this exciting new feature to the Apple Watch

iOS 14.4 could bring this exciting new feature to the Apple Watch

It seems that iOS 14.4 brings a new function to Apple watch That will surely come from pearls to all those who want to exercise and find it difficult to do so.

New features for Apple Watch with iOS 14.4

A new function seems to be coming to our Apple watch with the arrival of iOS 14.4. Developer Khaos tian emTwitter revealed one of the surprises that the beta version of iOS that we have mentioned.

Smart watch Manzana it is becoming more and more indispensable. It has more and more functions to control our health, it notifies us of all the notifications that we indicate, it helps us to play sports, it allows us to be in contact with other users with its great function Walkie-talkie… And, as many people say, it also tells the time. It is a device that could become almost indispensable in the future.

iOS 14.4 could include guided walk workouts:

In the next Tweet you can see how the developer Khaos tian, shows us the new option called “Time to walk” (Time to walk) and a toggled option labeled “Add new workouts to Apple Watch” (Add Newest Workouts to Watch). It seems to be some new audio guided walking workouts.

These trainings can be downloaded directly into the Apple watch when connected to the mains and near the iPhone. When we use and finish them, they will be automatically deleted. Apparently they could be a complement within the system Apple Fitness +.

Code found within the beta of the iOS mentioned that they refer to these new guided trainings, but it has not been possible to find out if they will require a subscription to Apple Fitness + or not.

Now we just have to wait and see if this news arrives in iOS 14.4 or Manzana is testing the function to launch it in the future, as a novelty, in the arrival of WatchOS 8 and iOS 15.


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