iOS 14.1 has restarted the default apps

Opinion of iOS 14 after 24 hours of continuous use

The new update of iOS 14, iOS 14.1, you have restarted the default applications selected by users previously.

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iOS 14.1 has arrived with a striking bug

One of the most outstanding novelties of iOS 14 was the possibility to change certain apps by default by others. Specifically it was the applications of mail managers and Internet browsers.

Many users made use of this possibility from the beginning. And, thanks to this function, instead of using Mail of iOS out of obligation, we could automatically replace it with our favorite email app. And the same goes for Safari, performing all browser tasks with the one chosen by us.

Restarting apps by default when updating is probably a bug

But, a failure of iOS 14.1, has caused user-selected applications to be restarted. Thus, the default apps by the system have reappeared, and when doing something related to the mail and the browser, iOS made use of Safari Y Mail.

This happens every time users update the application chosen by default. In this way, if you use as default browser Chrome, and you update its app, it will appear again as app default Safari. And the same goes for email managers.

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Gmail on iOS

In any case, the possibility of choosing those apps has not disappeared and we can reconfigure them. For this we only have to go, in the Settings, to app email or browser that we want to use by default and click on it. When we have pressed it, we only have to activate the option again to select it as the default app.

We assume that this is basically due to a failure of the update of iOS 14. Mostly because Apple announced the ability to switch apps as a function of iOS 14, and it would make no sense to make that possibility disappear. And you, had you changed the apps system default?


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