IOS 13.6 arrives and is available for download right now

IOS 13.5 arrives with a solution for masks and Face ID

We bring you all the news of iOS 13.6, which from now is available to be downloaded on all compatible devices.

iOS 13.6

We show you all the news of iOS 13.6 and that we can download right now

Today we are talking about the news of iOS 13.6. An update that comes to solve certain problems and surely some other related to the battery.

We all know that in iOS we will always have an operating system that will not lack updates. So much so, that in this iOS 13, we are already on version 13.6. This version is the one that we bring you today and that Apple has released from now, to solve errors.

Therefore, if you are one of the users with a compatible device, you will surely be interested to know what is new in this version.

All the news of iOS 13.6

As we have commented, this version is now available to be downloaded and installed on all compatible devices and these are the most notable news:

  • Compatibility with digital car keys.
  • New category in the Health app.
  • New setting related to automatic downloads.
  • Fixes an issue with apps and iCloud Drive.
  • Correction of errors in calls by Wifi.
  • Correction of errors in data and eSIM.
  • Solves various problems related to the keyboard, VPN networks, third-party keyboards …

In short, it is an update that corrects several problems that will make our devices work much better. When solving all these kinds of problems, it will be reflected in the batteries and we may notice an improvement.

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Therefore, from APPerlas we advise you to update your iPhone and have all these kinds of problems solved and you can enjoy the iPhone and iPad properly. Apple also recommends us to have the devices updated, for privacy reasons.


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