Interactive iPhone movie with a spooky mystery story

Interactive iPhone movie with a spooky mystery story

We are talking about a game for iPhone Y iPad what is a interactive movie in which you will have to make decisions to overcome the tense and shocking plot of this magnificent thriller. A very good evolution of the well-known «adventure games».

Erica, a magnificent interactive movie for iPhone and iPad

Erica It has not left us indifferent. Is a game for iPhone and iPad that immerses you in a well-shot, well-played, well-made movie. Without a doubt, an adventure that we recommend you download and that, for sure, you are going to love it. All the people who play it are fascinated.

We have to say that it is a free game at first, but as you go into the plot there will come a time when you will have to pay to be able to advance in it. A good way to test the game and, if we like it, pay for it. Surely many of you will end up, like us, going through the box to solve this moving story.

Erica, an interactive movie for iPhone and iPad:

In the following video we show you how the game is. We selected it as one of the applications that we recommend downloading this month and you can see how wonderful it is. Appears right at the minute 6:58. If pressing on the Play it does not direct you to that minute, you already know that you have to advance to the indicated minute to see it:

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Our character, Erica, is a young woman haunted by nightmares and who finds horrifying clues to deal with traumatic events in the past. It will be up to us to discover the terrible truth.

We will have to guide it using the touch screen of our iPhone I iPad to interact with all its surroundings. The technology that implements this great adventure of suspense is wonderful, since it allows us to interact with real people and objects.

The game is an interactive movie

The game is an interactive movie

We will have to make a lot of decisions to influence the development of the adventure. As we do it, we will have a specific ending resulting from all the decisions we make. There are multiple endings to this moving story.

If you want to download it, here is the link for you to install it on your device:

Download Erica

If you like and want to solve the game, as we mentioned at the beginning, you will have to go to the checkout. You will have to pay € 3.49.


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