Install this application to sleep soundly on your iPhone

Install this application to sleep soundly on your iPhone

Loóna is an app that prepares us, in the best possible way, to face a deep night’s rest. A new way to go to bed and have a good night’s sleep. A deep sleep app that we recommend you try.

Deep sleep app

Loóna is an app that has been awarded in the 2021 Apple Design Award. We did not know it and we have downloaded it to test it and see if, really, the award that Apple has given it as one of the best apps of the year is deserved.

Relaxation apps for iPhone there are hundreds, but how Loóna there are none. It prepares our mind to go to rest and, thus, to be able to obtain a quality and restful sleep. Not everything is relaxing sounds and beautiful landscapes, this tool helps us to positivize and displace all thoughts that may affect us in our rest.

Loóna, a revolutionary application to sleep soundly:

The app allows us to disconnect from a long and stressful day and put you in the mood to sleep. Believe it or not, it succeeds.

Screenshots of Loóna

Screenshots of Loóna

This app is not your typical app with a list of direct techniques for going to sleep. Rather, it is a mood-altering tool that helps you stay calm during the day and prepares you emotionally for going to sleep. Isn’t that better than simply listening to soothing sounds and doing breathing exercises? For us yes.

The negative emotions that we accumulate on a daily basis are processed and consolidated by our brain during sleep. It makes you angry, anxious, depressed, or conversely, it can also make you feel excited and euphoric. All of this is likely to affect latencies to onset of sleep and REM sleep. And it is that one cannot go to sleep in a bad mood. It influences a lot in our rest.

Loóna it will support your emotional states throughout the day with immersive playlists and stories. Each night you will have a recommended sleeping landscape. A landscape where activity-based relaxation, storytelling and sounds are combined in a unique way.

The app, as soon as we start, will ask us some questions to create a profile. It is in English but it is not very difficult to understand.

After this we will start relaxation sessions that are really wonderful. We advise you to use headphones so that the “therapy” is more effective.

Loóna interface for iPhone

Loóna interface for iPhone

Without a doubt, a great application to sleep soundly and wake up like a rose every morning.

Download Loóna

It is a free app with in-app purchases. Loóna PLUS provides access to the entire collection of sleeping landscapes. Our subscription options are: 1-month subscription for € 10.99, 1-year subscription with a 7-day trial for € 27.99.


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