Install iOS 14 Beta 8. Good time to try iOS 14 without fear

Install iOS 14 Beta 8. Good time to try iOS 14 without fear

The IOS 14 BETA 8 and seeing what this new version occupies, we can say that the official launch of the new operating system of Manzana is closer than ever.

iOS 14 Beta 8

When a Beta it weighs little and is released in September, it makes us very happy. It is a reflection that those of Cupertino they are fine-tuning and debugging iOS 14 for its official launch.

The megabytes that we have to download to install this new version do not reach 100 Mb. This reveals that there will be no substantial changes in the system and that, possibly, small bugs that have occurred in all the Beta testers that we are testing the Beta.

Now is a good time to install iOS 14:

If you haven’t tried the version of iOS that will accompany us for the next 12 months, now is a good time to install it. If you want to try it now and not wait for its official launch, do what we explain in the following article where we give you all the steps toinstall the iOS 14 Beta.

Visual summary of all the news in iOS 14

Visual summary of all the news in iOS 14

During the time that we are testing it, just since the possibility of installing it came out, we have gone through various scenarios. Apps that did not work well, bugs in new ones Widgets, excessive battery consumption … but from the Beta 7 the thing works of pearls. We can say that many of the small bugs that we suffer have been refined. That is why now is a good time to install the IOS 14 Beta 8. Surely everything will work as it will in the official version that will be released, possibly during the week of September 21st.

A Beta It does not stop being Beta no matter how refined it is, that must be made clear. But we have to say that Betas of iOS 14 that have been released until today and that were much less advanced than the version 8 that has just been released, have not given any fault to highlight. It has had, as we have commented before, small bugs but that have not prevented us from using our device without problems.

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That is why now is the time to, if you want to try iOS 14 Before its official release, install the Beta 8.


If you install the iOS 14 Beta, you do so at your own risk.

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