Instagram will increase the presence of suggested posts

Instagram will increase the presence of suggested posts

Instagram is testing to get more suggested posts to appear in our feed than we are used to so far.

Instagram is doing a new test

For some time now, On Instagram we can see, from time to time, publications suggested by the app. These types of posts appear “at the bottom” of our feed, after we’ve seen all the recent posts from the people we’re following.

They are usually based on content that interests us and with which we have come to interact through the explore section. And, from the looks of it, these kinds of suggested posts have worked well and since Instagram they are going to increase their use.

Instagram will allow you to deactivate these suggested publications for 30 days

Right now it seems to be in the testing phase and only for some users a greater presence of suggested publications in the feed. But, as we are used to, in this new test they do not appear at the end of our feed.

Quite the contrary, since in this test the suggested posts are mixed with the posts of the users we follow. That is, they will appear randomly throughout our feed and not just at the end.

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The ability to remove suggested posts

Of course, from Instagram they seem to consider that this can become somewhat annoying. And that is why they have also decided to include a tool to make these suggested posts not appear. This option can be configured and it will be possible to make these publications stop appearing to us among those of the users we follow for 30 days.

The truth is that we did not understand very well this movement on the part of Instagram. And, although it will show us publications based on our interests, if we were really interested we would follow those accounts to see their publications. What do you think of this?


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