Instagram will improve its profile blocking function

Instagram will improve its profile blocking function

Instagram is testing a new way of locking profiles that is more efficient than the current one and that is really eye-catching.

New blocking feature for Instagram

From time to time, and more and more often, in Instagram they are adding enhancements and features to make the app so much easier and simpler to use as safer. If a while ago it was confirmed that since Instagram I was working on some measures to make the app safer and less invasive, now another function with this intention is known.

Specifically, the new feature that they have already tested and that is about to reach all users focuses on user blocking. This is a very interesting improvement that can make the social network much more secure.

With this new lock feature, no one we don’t want will be able to find our account

And, with this new blocking function, we can prevent someone we have already blocked from following us again. Once the function is fully operational, when blocking an account, in addition to the option that we already know, a new one will appear.

The new option is one that gives us the option to block both the user in question and the new accounts that the same user may create in the future. In this way we will prevent them from following us stalking or even, harassing.


One of the functions of the social network

We imagine that the way in which Instagram will avoid this will be by automatically blocking from our account the new accounts created with the email, the phone number or from the same mobile as the account that we have blocked.

This new feature has already been tested and, from the looks of it, there are already quite a few users who are receiving it on their account. That is why, in principle, we do not believe that it will take much longer to reach all users of the social network. What do you think of this new way of blocking users?


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