Instagram will be compatible with the ProRaw format of the iPhone 12 Pro

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Instagram has announced that the application will be fully compatible with the new format of the iPhone 12 Pro, Apple ProRAW.

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Instagram will be compatible with Apple ProRAW

One of the main novelties of iOS 14.3 was the arrival of the new photographic format Apple ProRAW. This photographic format, presented as an exclusive novelty of the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, promises to greatly improve the photographs taken with the iPhone.

Thanks to him, once we have activated it and if we decide to use it, our iPhone they will save much more information about the photographs, and we can modify many more aspects. And it seems that this new format has a great journey since one of the main apps photography has announced that it will be compatible with it.

Despite being compatible with Apple ProRAW, Instagram will not allow you to edit photos in this format:

This is Instagram, the most widely used social network for sharing photos. This was announced by one of the developers of Instagram for iOS via Twitter. Through a tweet, he announced that on Instagram the photos taken through Apple ProRAW.

To do this, the Instagram app will compress the photos taken with ProRAW, since they can reach a size of more than 25MB, and will convert them into a JPG of high quality so that they can be shared directly in the app. But while we can upload the photos Apple ProRAW, they will have limitations.

Apple Proraw 1Apple Proraw 1

How to activate Apple ProRAW

And, from what it seems, due to its characteristics, they cannot be edited using the editing options offered by the Instagram app. But, that does not prevent us from editing them from any external app or editor and, later, sharing them in Instagram.

While this feature has already become available, it has not reached all users at once. That is why, if you do not have the possibility to share your photos ProRAW in Instagram, you should not worry since shortly it should give you the option if you have the updated app.


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