Instagram will allow us to share directly from its website

Instagram will allow us to share directly from its website

Instagram will soon allow us to share any content directly from your website.

New Instagram web feature

We all know that Instagram has been based, almost always, on its application. It is not for less, since it is, probably, one of the most successful and used applications of all those that belong to the social network Facebook.

But Instagram It can also be accessed from a browser, either on a computer or on a smartphone. While it is true that practically, Instagram has had a lot of neglect in terms of its website functions.

Up to now. And it is that, from what it seems, Instagram is going to enhance its website and allow us to upload content to our account Instagram directly from the web that can be accessed from browsers.

At the moment it seems that only Photos and Videos can be shared from the web

This is how they have been discovered by some content creators who have seen how Instagram gave them the option of uploading content directly from the web by dragging files with the web open. Content limited to photos and videos.

At the moment, therefore and from what it seems, Instagram only gives the possibility of uploading photos and videos. Thus, both the stories or Stories like the rest of the content that can be published in Instagram either Reels, IGTV or Guides among others.

stories instagram twitter tweets tweets story stoies 1

Twitter stories on Instagram

This new possibility of the Instagram website is quite striking, at least for us. Not because we are not happy that they enhance the web, but because it is a function that perhaps should have come before, when the webs were used more.

What do you think of this new possibility of Instagram Web? Do you usually use Instagram from the browser and, in that case, will you use this new function?


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