Instagram will allow us to save drafts of our Stories

Instagram is testing three ways to see the "likes" in the app

Instagram is going to add a function to the app that will allow us to create drafts of our Stories to upload them later.

New feature for Instagram Stories

There are more and more functions that, in one way or another, are coming to Instagram. Many of them are new features for creating content in different ways, and many others for improve different parts of the app to make it more practical.

And now we know that Instagram he is working on one of the latter to make it more practical and useful. It is about the possibility of saving our Stories or stories as a draft so we can save it for later or to test it.

The drafts of the Stories or Histories should begin to arrive shortly to all the users of the app

As they say from Instagram, this function was something that many users asked for and it seems that it will finally come true. From what it seems, once the function was operational, Instagram would give us several options when trying to discard one Story.

And, among those options, in addition to Discard, the new option would appear “Save draft”. If we click on it the Story that we created would be saved as a draft and we could use it later.

instagram stories quiz

Elements of Instagram Stories

Thus, the Stories saved as drafts will appear at the top when uploading a Story and, from what it seems, we could choose whether to upload it or even if we want to edit it to add any of the elements that we can add to the Stories or Instagram Stories.

Although this new function was announced some time ago as it would be released shortly, at the moment it has not yet appeared for most users of the app. Of course, we hope it arrives as soon as possible since it will make it much easier to upload the Stories, even more so if we want to leave them done to publish them later.


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