Instagram will allow us to recover deleted stories

How to see all the Instagram stories you've shared in order

Instagram has added a new function to its application with which we can recover the Stories or stories that we have removed.

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Recover your deleted Instagram content

The Stories or stories of Instagram They are one of the most important and most used functions right now in the social network. Who more or less will have used them to upload something or, in any case, will see those that are uploaded by the people they follow.

And, being one of the most used functions of Instagram, it is normal that from the app they add more functions for them and improve them little by little. And this is what they want to achieve with the new feature they have added for Stories.

Instagram allows us to recover all the content that we have deleted

From now on, with this new function, we can recover the Stories that we have deleted from our history. Either because we have deleted them because we did not like them, and then we have regretted them, or because we have deleted them by mistake, now we can recover them.

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Message informing us of the new function

In order to recover the Stories eliminated, you just have to follow a few simple steps. We will have to access Settings from our Profile. Once in Settings we will have to select Account and access Recently Deleted.

In this section we can see the Stories that we have deleted and choose if we want to recover them or not. In addition, there will not only be Stories that we have deleted, but all the content, whether photos or videos, and we can also recover them.

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This is how this new feature works

Of course, this new function to recover Stories or stories eliminated, it has time limitations. If they are Stories that we have uploaded and deleted, we can only recover them for 24 hours. And, if they are Stories that are in our Archive of Stories, we can recover them during the next 30 days.

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Of course, it is a very interesting function and we are sure that many of you will be able to use it. What do you think of this new feature for Instagram Stories?


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