Instagram launches a new way of viewing videos in the application

Instagram launches a new way of viewing videos in the application

Instagram now has a new way in which we can see the videos that users publish in our feed and in all sections of the app.

What’s new in Instagram videos

Every time since Instagram they are adding more functions and improvements to the application. This should come as no surprise as the competition over Instagram It is increasingly fierce and it is clear that they are not willing to lose users of the app.

In recent times, the content that is most in vogue in the app are videos, due to the new Reels, something “too similar” to what is the app TikTok. But there is some video content that has not been updated in a long time.

This novelty focuses on videos that are neither Reels nor IGTV

We are talking about the video Posts themselves that have been in the app almost from the beginning. But the new feature to come focuses on these types of video. And it is that now we can and interact with this type of content in a different way until now.

From now on, whenever we see video posts other than Reels or IGTV, we can click on them. By doing so, the videos will be opened to us in full screen and we will be able to see them in totally different ways until now.

new way to view instagram videos

The new way of watching videos

But not only that, but the app will also allow us to put them in full screen horizontally and we can see different ways of giving Like Y Comment in the purest style Reels. And, also, being probably the most interesting novelty, is that we will be able to advance the videos and go from front to back in them.

We believe that this new way of viewing videos should now appear to all users of the application. But, if this is not your case, it should not take you long to appear and we recommend that you keep the app updated since only then will all the new functions and options appear. What do you think of this new way of watching videos in Instagram?


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