Instagram is testing three ways to see the “likes” in the app

Instagram is testing three ways to see the "likes" in the app

Instagram is testing in the application and globally three different ways to display the I like or Likes to the rest of the users.

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New ways to manage Likes on Instagram are coming

Two years ago Instagram began to do tests to hide the Likes or I like of the application. In this way, users could not see the number of I Like that they had the photos of the rest, although we could see those of our photos.

This test, which started in the US but later expanded to other countries It was for users to focus on the content and not on generating the largest number of Likes possible. And, although this was the intention, there were not a few voices that were raised against this measure, something completely logical being Instagram as it is.

Instead of hiding Likes or Likes, Instagram proposes three ways to manage them

The test of hiding I Like It seemed that it would be expanded permanently and would be a “function” that would stay, but it seems that now Instagram is trying different ways to show the I like and users will be able to choose between them.

These ways to display the Likes or I Like There are a total of 3. The first option, as you can imagine, is not to see the Likes or the I Like of the photos of any of the accounts that we follow or that we find in the social network.

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Hidden Instagram likes

The second option will allow us to choose that the number of I Like that our publications have for other users. And finally, we can choose to keep the original experience, seeing and showing all the Likes.

While it seems that Instagram is testing these options in many countries around the world, at the moment it is only available to a limited number of users. We cannot know if it will expand it to more users and if this will be the definitive way to manage the I Like, but it certainly seems like a better way than to permanently hide them from all users.


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