Instagram is not working? Here are 8 ways to fix it

Instagram is not working? Here are 8 ways to fix it

Instagram is the main photo sharing platform on the Internet and has become the only social media site used by people who prefer to express themselves with pictures rather than words. But even the big Instagram is prone to failure. Here we show you the main reasons why Instagram is not working and how you can fix it.

Note: A good place to start is to restart your device and make sure you have a stable Internet connection. If you’ve tried both and Instagram still doesn’t work, read on.

1. Activate permissions for Instagram

Instagram requires many application permissions to work properly on your iOS or Android phone – Camera, contacts, microphone, photos, and storage, to name a few. If even the permissions for one or two of them are disabled, Instagram may not work properly.

On Android, make sure that the application permissions are activated by going to “Settings -> Applications and notifications -> Instagram -> Permissions”. Depending on your version of Android, on this screen, you will have to either press the switches next to each option so that they are green, or the entries in the “Denied” list, then authorize them.

Instagram doesn't work Android app permissions

On iOS, go to “Settings -> Instagram” and make sure all relevant permissions are given there.

Instagram does not work Iphone 2 app permissionsInstagram does not work Iphone 2 app permissions

2. Is Instagram down?

If Instagram is experiencing global outages, there is nothing you can do but wait for their team to fix the site. A telltale sign that the servers are down is if you get the “5xx” error.

Instagram doesn't workInstagram doesn't work

You can use a third-party status checker such as Descent detector, I sit? or Failure report. Enter the URL and it will tell you if the platform is down with messages like “Possible Problems on Instagram” or “Problems on Instagram”.

Other places to check out include Instagram Twitter handle for all company messages and updates.

3. Clear data and application cache

If a reboot hasn’t resolved Instagram for you, try clearing the app’s data and cache. To do this on an Android phone:

1. Open “Settings -> Applications”.

Instagram Settings doesn't work AppsInstagram Settings doesn't work Apps

2. Tap Instagram. Depending on the version of your Android device, you may need to tap Storage to access the Clear Data and Clear Cache settings.

Instagram doesn't work on storageInstagram doesn't work on storage

3. Tap Clear cache. Follow the same steps again, but this time press Clear Data instead, then press “Force Stop”.

4. Try another device

If the problem isn’t with your internet connection, you can try using Instagram on another device like your phone. You can also check whether the app works on someone else’s phone and whether they can view the feed and upload photos or videos.

5. Update Instagram

If nothing has worked so far, you may not have updated the Instagram app to the latest version on your device. New releases usually contain security fixes and bug fixes, in addition to new features.

To update the application:

1. Open Google Play Store and tap the menu (hamburger icon – three horizontal lines) at the top left of the screen.

2. Tap “My apps and games”, then check if there is an update option next to Instagram.

Instagram update doesn't workInstagram update doesn't work

Once the app update is complete, try to run Instagram again.

6. Uninstall and reinstall Instagram

If the problem is caused by a bug, you can fix Instagram by uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app. To do this:

1. Open “Settings -> Applications and notifications”.

Notifications from Instagram apps that don't workNotifications from Instagram apps that don't work

2. Tap Instagram.

Instagram does not work Instagram app notificationsInstagram does not work Instagram app notifications

3. Tap Uninstall, then go back to Google Play Store and reinstall the latest version of Instagram. Log in again and see if it works.

Instagram does not work Notifications Uninstall InstagramInstagram does not work Notifications Uninstall Instagram

7. Check common error messages and known issues

Like most other apps, Instagram also has a set of error messages and known issues, and this list is regularly updated so that users can find possible solutions to their daily problems with the application.

Most of the time, this happens with the mobile app, so if Instagram is not working on your mobile device, check if it works on the web version.

You can note the error you see and do a Google search to find out if it has already been addressed. Most likely other users have had a similar or exactly the same problem and have found help.

8. Still out of luck? Report the problem to Instagram

If none of the steps listed here solve the problem, you can report the bug from the app for Instagram to investigate. Be sure to provide as much detail about the problem you are experiencing in the report, the device you are using and what you were doing before and when it stopped working. The same goes for problems logging into your account.

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