Instagram and Facebook threaten to make their apps paid

Instagram and Facebook threaten to make their apps paid

After the arrival of iOS 14.5 The apps, little by little, begin to ask users for consent to be able to track them and offer them, among other things, personalized advertising. Instagram Y Facebook they threaten to be paid if the trace is not accepted.

Instagram and Facebook… paid?

We all know that Zuckerberg the movement of Manzana refering to app transparency. Apparently they are going to lose a lot of money if people do not accept the tracking that their apps do while we browse them.

It seems that the team of the creator of Facebook has found a way to intimidate users of ios so that they accept the tracking of their apps. Here we show you the way they have been taken out of the hat to achieve it.

Instagram and Facebook paid if the tracking of the apps is not accepted:

As we show you below, applications explain why they ask for tracking to be activated in their apps and websites. In our case we show you what appears in Facebook, but we assure you that in Instagram the same thing happens.

Paid Facebook

Facebook paid

We would like you to look at the text that accompanies the symbol of the thumbs up so characteristic of Facebook. How can you read it puts “Continue to offer Facebook without fees”, which gives us to understand that if the tracking is not accepted, the app may become paid.

What do you think of the play? We wait your comments about that.

Once we read it and click on continue, it is time to accept or not that trace.

Allow or not allow Facebook tracking

Allow or not Facebook tracking

It is your decision to accept or not. We cannot help you in this regard, but we can tell you that your experience in Facebook it will not change and will remain as it has been until now, if you accept it. If you decide to select that the app does not track you, the experience will be similar but without ads that may interest you. The ads will appear the same way.

Now it’s time to decide if you want them personalized, at the cost of tracking the app, or not personalized, increasing your privacy in the application.

And you … What have you decided to do?



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