Instagram already allows you to create Drafts of Stories

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Instagram has finally added the new and long-awaited function with which we can create Drafts of our Stories to upload later.

A very useful function arrives on Instagram

One of the most used functions of Instagram is undoubtedly their Stories or stories. It reaches such a point that right now they are almost more used than the rest of the publications that the social network gives the option to share in its app.

That is why, each time, they are adding more and more functions to make it much more complete. In fact, some time ago, about three months, it became known that Instagram was testing a new function for its more than used Stories.

Drafts of Instagram Stories will be deleted after 7 days

It was about the possibility to create Drafts of Stories to upload them later when we want. And, if when we gave you the news we let you know that they should arrive shortly for all users, it seems that this possibility is already here.

draft stories instagram stories story 2

Save as draft

The operation of this new function for stories It can not be easier. The first thing we have to do is create a Story in order to Instagram as we would if we were to publish it at the moment.

Next, with the story once created, we will have to press the cross in the upper left as if we were going to discard our Story and delete it. But, instead of the typical two options we will find a third option called Keep Eraser that we will have to press.

draft stories instagram stories story 1

Drafts are deleted after 7 days

In this way, our History will have been saved in the Drafts of the stories. We will find these drafts by sliding up in the stories as if we were going to post a photo of our film. And it will have all the features that we have added.

Of course, these drafts will not last there as long as it happens with publications. They will be deleted after 7 days and we cannot recover or upload them. What do you think of this new function that has been added Instagram to their stories? Useful, right?


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