Instagram allows us to connect WhatsApp with our account

Instagram allows us to connect WhatsApp with our account

Instagram is allowing some accounts to connect, if they want, their WhatsApp account with the account of Instagram.

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An interesting feature comes to Instagram

Since Instagram They are fully aware of the potential of their app and the use that is given to it. That is why it is normal that more and more functions are added to make users use their app even more.

Many of the functions that are adding these are functions that make users spend more time on the social network. But there are also many others that make communicating in the app easier. And now a function has been made available to us that allows that.

If we connect our WhatsApp account with that of Instagram, a new button will appear on the social network

It is about the possibility of add our WhatsApp to our Instagram account. In this way, if we decide to add a WhatsApp account, in the profile of the Instagram account that we have chosen, a new button that leads to WhatsApp.

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The notice that appears at the top

To add this new button you just have to follow a few steps. It is true that, for many, it may appear at the top when accessing the app. But, if this is not the case, you will have to access Edit Profile and, in Contact Options, you can add the number of Whatsapp. To verify it, we will receive a code that we will have to enter and we will have the button configured.

Yes, this connect function Whatsapp and Instagram it is not intended for everyone. In fact, one of the requirements for it is have a professional or creator account. And this already indicates that since Instagram They have thought that it is the professional accounts who can get the most out of it.

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Add WhatsApp on Instagram

In any case, it is a very interesting function that can make contact between users or between users and companies much easier. What do you think of this new function of Instagram to connect Whatsapp with the social network?


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