Instagram adds new security measures for teens

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Instagram has announced that it will add new security measures to its application to protect teenagers who use the app.

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New security measures on Instagram

One of the most used social networks is Instagram. This app is used by people of very different age groups, and covers both adolescents and adults of different ages. And this is probably what triggered the new measures that Instagram will add.

These new measures are designed to make the app a safer site for minors who use it and to protect them within the application. These are measures that can be quite effective.

Instagram adds three new security measures to protect teens in the app

The first one has to do with private messages. From now on Instagram will not allow adults to send private messages to minors. Of course, this has an exception and that is that minors follow adults. In that case, they will be able to send you messages.

In addition, from the app they announce that they will make it more difficult, for example by hiding the accounts, for adults who have shown behaviors that they consider “suspicious” from Instagram to find and communicate with adolescents.

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Measurements in private messages

These two measures would be those that would be focused on adults and preventing them from contacting adolescents who make use of the application. But, Instagram He also wants teens to be aware of the potential risks.

That is why, those over 14 and under 18 who are registered in the app and use it, will be encouraged to make their account private. They will do this through a notification in the activity tab in which they will suggest that they review their privacy preferences. In this way they can quickly switch between public and private accounts knowing what each one implies.

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These measures of Instagram they seem, so much less adequate. And they can be a useful way to protect teens who use the app.


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